Happy New Year Everyone!!

Hope your new year is shiny and bright, filled with happiness, love, and wonderful dreams.  May it be better than 2010, and fulfill your every wish.  May the world know peace, the hungry know food, and the lonely find comfort in another soul.

I share these firework pics from tonight with you all.  I took them down at one of the local shopping/entertainment center’s parties.

I have a crazy idea…

I am thinking it could be fun to do a monthly feature on here of dollar store meals. This would be meals where every item was purchasable at a Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General or Big Lots… Or I guess even Walmart, keeping the per person cost for each item (ie. Meat, veg, seasoning, etc.) $1 or under, and the entire meal under $5 per person. (Items used often would be figured based on percentage used times price divided by # of people. Like salt, olive oil, crackers, etc. Items used periodically would be figured by price divided by # people. Like poultry seasoning, honey, etc.) What do you guys think?

Oh, want to get that wall quote for YOUR kitchen?  You can buy it from MetropolisDesigns for only $35.00 (plus s&H) on Etsy.com: here.