eBoost Natural Energy – Pink Lemonade Review


     This is the product that scared me the most. First of all, it’s a powdered drink, which is maybe not too bad, but it’s an energy drink. To top it off it’s effervescent and that usually doesn’t work out for me. So basically all I was looking for out of this was it not to make me sick, and to give me an energy boost obviously. I took it to work with me and mixed it up in the afternoon when I needed that boost to get over my slump.


     As you can see it does begin as a finely ground powder. A small amount for such a large packet to be honest. Surprising to me was the color, I had pink lemonade on the packet and the powder was more of a jaundiced oatmeal shade.


     I even took a picture of it in the cup to show you all this strange coloring. This created a conversation between my boss and I wherein we both became even more dubious of this product.



IMG-20121227-00311     Following the simple instructions on the packet I added water, and magically the powder turned to a frothy pink liquid. The froth was the same yellowy color as the powder, so while the pink liquid underneath was a bit reassuring this sickly looking foam was not. On their website it shows the product as being endorsed by Jillian Michaels, who is definitely not sickly looking. So that was very helpful, as well as seeing that fans include Oprah, Madonna and Kelly Ripa.


     I kept swizzling around the effervescing liquid though, scared to taste it, until the foam started to dissipate. When it finally settled down some and I had a chance to take a sip I was pleasantly surprised. The effervescence was light and refreshing, and didn’t make me feel like it was trying to bubble back up out my throat. The flavor was much better than I expected, with a light lemony taste and a natural sweetness that didn’t taste terribly like chemicals.

     However, while it was tasty and refreshing it didn’t seem to do what it had been purported to. My immune system didn’t seem to be particularly boosted by it’s supposed health properties, and worst of all, it didn’t seem to help out my energy. While my energy didn’t continue to decline it also didn’t improve.


The Ruling: Meh, I maybe would try it again to be sure it wasn’t a fluke, but if it didn’t boost my energy that time I wouldn’t continue to buy it. I’m not so gung-ho as to demand a natural product over a superior one.