TV Review: Hart of Dixie – Coming Soon

Next new show up for review is Hart of Dixie. This show is coming to The CW Mondays at 9pm. I have a lot to say about this one because it hits all kinds of close to my heart.

Hart of Dixie Starring Rachel Bilson
Hart of Dixie
stars Rachel Bilson

I’d actually heard of this show before it was even done filming because, full disclosure time, it filmed in the area where I used to live and was still frequenting on business during pilot season. That area is Wilmington, NC; a gorgeous southern town. I only knew the name though, but not the star, network or premise. So imagine my surprise when it scored the triple lutz of a star I love (Rachel Bilson), one of my top watched networks (The CW), and a premise similar to one of my favorite movies (Sweet Home Alabama, but with less fashion and more medicine.)

Lets start off with the main star(s) and premise! Rachel Bilson, of The O.C., stars as Zoe Hart, a New York City doctor whom fails to score the fellowship of her dreams, and finds herself without a single job prospect in the city? So, what to do? In Zoe’s case the answer is accept a position offered yearly by Dr. Wilkes of Bluebell, Alabama; whom she met at her med school graduation. According to the preview, what follows is a fish out of water scenario where Dr. Hart finds herself surrounded by all things that make the south fabulous! Gorgeous scenery, interesting customs, and well-manner hot guys! Including a guy named George Tucker(Scott Porter) who comes to her rescue twice in the promo alone (once from an alligator)!

Then things get even more interesting, it turns out Dr. Wilkes is dead, and he left Zoe his share of the practice. Enter Dr. Brick Breeland(Tim Matheson), the other half of the practice who will end up the professional foil for Zoe, wanting to have the whole practice for himself; and his daughter who will undoubtedly be her personal enemy. It’s hysterical to meet the daughter though; as she is dressed in a brilliant yellow southern belle gown for an event, has a personality like a sour patch kid in reverse and is aptly named Lemon(Jaime King).

Aside from Dr. Wilke’s old secretary and George Tucker, Zoe’s seemingly only other friend is the mayor, Lavon Hayes(Cress Williams) a former pro-football player. There’s also her irritating neighbor Wade Kinsella(Wilson Bethel) who Zoe makes out with in a humorous scene that involves a car horn that plays dixie. Just from the previews it becomes clear that there will be conflict with a love square (George, Lemon, Wade and Zoe) as well as Dr. Breeland and Dr. Hart struggling to do the right thing despite their fighting. At the end of the promo the bomb is dropped that helps everything fall into place; Dr. Harley Wilkes left Zoe his half of the practice because she is actually his daughter.

Verdict: If this show were a sale I’d be first in line camping out to get in. Something I don’t even do on Black Friday.

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