TV Review: 2 Broke Girls – Episode 1×02: And the Break-Up Scene

I read my last review and found I was quite verbose. I am going to blame it on the fact that it was the first episode and there was a lot to go over. This time, not so much; after all this is a review not a recap.

This week’s episode expands upon the Pilot, advancing the storylines of Max’s breakup and the cupcake business she and Caroline wish to start. I’m not sure if it’s a nod to the pilot or if that’s what the writers think Williamsburg is like but as the episode starts Max once again has a table full of hipsters. This time they’re four women, all wearing quirky mens style hats. After those extremely catchy credits, the first few scenes take place in the diner where Caroline is apparently wearing the same clothes again. That’s addressed later on in the episode, but it’s still very disconcerting. Caroline is also still gung-ho for the cupcake venture with Max, wanting to advertise them on the board in the diner as “Max’s Cupcakes.” Oh well, this is getting verbose again, let me separate each plotline into a bullet point!

  • Ahhhh, much better. I love a good bullet point.
  • Caroline’s Outfit: So far Caroline has had 2 outfits in this show, her waitress uniform and her white Chanel dress. (Admittedly it seems like 2 separate jackets however.) I realize that in the first episode she said she grabbed all the wrong things but I am sure she had to have grabbed more than one outfit! Towards the middle of the episode Caroline is again wearing the Chanel outfit, saying that she’d planned to “Chanel it up” and go to meet a woman at a local bakery with Max’s cupcakes. There’s a throw-away line there that it’s easy to get dressed when you have only 1 cute outfit, but again, I cry foul! However it does set up a funny when she goes out to say hi to Chestnut (that would be the horse.) and slips into his um… piles. This is the best part of the episode as it leads to classic lines like “Chanel #2” and the fact that their water is off for repairs complicates things. Also a genuine laugh out loud moment when Caroline grabs Max’s wrist and she shrieks and sprays herself with Windex.
  • Max and Caroline Living Together: This is also the first episode of official roommate-dom. Complete with uncomfortable couch, annoyingly perky mornings, and meddling in the other’s business (in this case Max’s business, because let’s be honest, Caroline has nothing.) There’s some back and forth over the cupcake business and as well as Max’s boyfriend. Which leads to the obligatory huge fight, and to Caroline getting stinking drunk and coming to make up with Max. The contract she signed, that Max shows her the next morning, is priceless. Regardless of their differences and the meddling they make a great duo and play off each other well.

Robbie barges in on Max and Caroline in the middle of the night, apparently he doesn’t understand a break-up.

  • Max’s Break-up: Surprisingly little actual break-up considering she did it last episode and yet Robbie showed up in the middle of the night asking “oh, we’re still doing that?” Wow that’s special. Here I was worried about Caroline, turns out it was Robbie who was the moron. Funnily enough, Caroline is in bed with Max when he shows up which brings up the thousandth lesbian threesome jokes in the series (though one of the best lines. “If I were a lesbian she is the last les I’d be in.”) Thus begins the meddling of Caroline into Max’s business, culminating with Caroline calling Robbie to get his stuff and Max telling her she “stole my break-up scene.” Which is what their fight is about.
  • The Cupcake Business: Max is pretty reluctant with this, Caroline seems to think it’s because no one’s ever believed in her and supported her dreams. I just think that Max is realistic. However Caroline is there to push Max, even putting the “Max’s Cupcakes” on the board at the diner though Max didn’t want her to. (This gives an interesting moment where Mr. Lee, who is Han in this episode, accidentally sees up Caroline’s skirt and both excuses and thanks her.) At the end of the episode they’re at $364.25 towards their goal which is down from last episode due to Caroline’s drinking binge.

Verdict: The show is still bringing on the funny, but I hope it doesn’t get stuck in ruts with lesbian humor and hipsters.

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