TV Review: 2 Broke Girls – Episode 1×03: And Strokes of Goodwill

It’s time for another viewing of 2 Broke Girls! Which means, another bullet list!

  • Waitressing: What the hell, how did Max have that diet coke in the beginning of the episode behind her? How was it held up? Her apron strings? How did it not spill ALL OVER? TV Magic folks, or real magic? Moving on, despite my annoyance with Han (see below) I find the diner scenes pretty dang funny. I also particularly enjoy Oleg, more than I expected I would! About 3/4 through the show they’re back at work and Caroline comes in with hideous nails that she got taken to the cleaners on thanks to Max standing her up at the nail place. It’s not really important except that the nails are hideoussss.
  • Han: While I’m amused by the line about “This week’s iPad” being released, Han kind of annoys me. Which is probably the point because it’s that he tries too hard at everything that annoys me! From being American to being friends with his employees on Facebook (which is fine, but he’s very pushy about it with Max.) Near the end he reappears to ask Caroline not to take advantage of him with her horse, which confuses poor Caroline. (See Max & Chestnut below) Turns out that Max has been depositing of Chestnut’s deposits in the diner’s dumpster, and the trash removal company has charged Han extra because of it. Of course Caroline had no idea Max was doing it, but Han has seen her.
  • Caroline’s Issues: The Facebook thing is mostly a vehicle to bring about How Very Bad Things Have Gotten For Caroline as she notices she’s lost around 300 Facebook Friends since her father’s arrest. Now, I know my work’s Facebook is just over 300, hold on while I check my own. Okay, yeah, that’s what I thought… At least you had 300 “friends” to lose! Sheesh. In the Goodwill Caroline finds a pair of Brian Atwood shoes she had donated when she was rich. She had bought them for $800 and is stunned they’re selling for $8. Which triggers a bit of a meltdown as she realizes she’s been discounted as a person. Which doesn’t make sense but also is wrong, which makes me even sadder for her.

1x03andstrokesofgoodwillMax loves the expression Caroline makes upon realizing Max brought her to The Goodwill Store.

  • Wardrobe Please: There is a bit in the beginning about Caroline’s feet hurting, and Max suggesting she ditch her heels and buy some Sketchers. When Caroline tells Max the shoes cost $900.00 Max responds, “That’s not pain, that’s karma.” AMEN SISTER. They may try to revoke my membership in the women’s club but I do not understand the desire to spend such a huge amount of money on a pair of shoes, particularly those which a) hurt, b) can only be worn once in a while, or c) are so color/pattern specific that you’re going to wear them once and that’s it. I’m still bitter about all the crap I bought for prom, which I wore for all of 2 hours and haven’t touched since.) However this all finally addresses the issue I had with Caroline wearing the same thing over and over. Not that I wanted her to wear something once and never again, because that is unrealistic. Max takes Caroline to the Goodwill. My first thought is “HA!” especially seeing the look on Caroline’s face. My second is “Wow, that Goodwill is tiny compared to the ones here.” Must be a NYC thing? Also I notice that they have finally put Caroline in something different! She has the same ruffle sleeved tank top she wore with her Chanel outfit but now she’s sporting a snake-skin looking pair of shorts. Tres cute! There’s a great explanation to something I’ve actually totally done at many stores before. Max: “Clever bitches hide stuff they wanna come back and buy ’cause sometimes they don’t have $3 to buy it at the time.” Caroline questions who doesn’t have $3; uh, her. It totally works though as Max demonstrates by unearthing a vintage blazer from a hiding spot in a night stand. Caroline finds a pair of her old shoes in the store, which brings up some Caroline Issues (see above.) However Caroline does score some cute designer shorts for $5 and the aforementioned shoes she haggled down to $6. She also suddenly has a cream colored halter that she later wears with the shorts but I have no idea if that was bought at “The Will.”
  • Max & THE SHIRT: At Goodwill Max comes across a Strokes concert t-shirt that brings up memories. She had attended the concert but couldn’t afford the t-shirt. Of course, she wants it and puts it in her basket. However another girl there (a sassy latina) had her eye on it, but as Max says “turn your back on the rack and you’re under attack.” Which is why it’s so stupid to me when a minute later Max SETS HER BASKET DOWN AND TURNS HER BACK ON IT TO HELP CAROLINE. Obviously Ms. Latina snags the tee from Max’s basket while her back is turned. When Max discovers it at the register she’s upset that Caroline distracted her, has a minor fit and storms out leaving all her scores behind at the counter. Caroline however buys her stuff and Max’s before leaving. Later on at the bar Caroline spots the Latina girl’s goth friend and confronts her about the t-shirt. This leads to a lot of the B word and some hair pulling fighting. Johnny steps in to break it up and deftly lifts Caroline at the waist and walks her back to Max at the bar. Best part: The wonder woman pose Caroline strikes when he picks her up. Caroline really wanted to get back the t-shirt because she says Max “lit up” when she saw it. Max insists she doesn’t “light up” and she seems pretty much over the t-shirt. That is, until the Latina walks into the diner wearing the shirt with a dude who looks like a friend of mine who is actually a like, M-List actor… or a grown up version of Bieber. Max takes them menus and sasses, but the Latina sasses back, calling Max a word I dare NOT repeat in Spanish OR English and I am not sure how they got it past the FCC! Caroline, being the awesome friend she is, “accidentally” spills a full bowl of bright red borscht all over the chick and the t-shirt. This scores points with Max, who helps Caroline run when the girl comes after her.
  • Max & Chestnut: Max is really starting to get close to Chestnut. When she’s baking in the kitchen she has the back door open and he’s standing in the doorway. She has a full on conversation with him about the heat and turns her fan on him so he can cool down. The next morning while Caroline is asleep Max actually TAKES CHESTNUT FOR A WALK with a shovel as a pooper scooper. It’s the cutest damn thing. They have a nice talk while they walk, with Max providing Chestnut’s voice and POV. She stops at “his spot” implying that she’s been doing this a while, and they make kisses at each other while she tries to get him to do his business. Later, thanks to Han spilling the beans, Caroline finds out what Max has been doing and thanks her for it.
  • Meet Johnny: Since it’s their night off Caroline convinces Max to go out, saying her new shorts will pay for their drinks. Max seems to be fairly regular at the bar they go to, having flirty, insulting banter established with the bartender, Johnny (Nick Zano). Who is totally cute and wearing nerdy glasses (Uh, hipster alert!) Johnny tries to include Caroline in the insulting banter and Max is all “whoa dude she’s not in on this.” to which Johnny becomes a his normal nice self to Caroline. Max explains the insulting banter is something she and Johnny do “to remind us of our families.” Johnny is also a street artist who goes by the name J-peg. WHICH I LOVE SO HARD CORE. I love me some nerds.
  • The Bar: I had to add a bullet just for this. At the bar a guy buys the girls tequila shots and when she downs hers Caroline does this frightful and adorable combination of an O-face and a hoot of pleasure. To which Max responds “If that’s your tequila noise I don’t want to know what your orgasms sound like.” Caroline: “Same face, no noise.”
  • The Cupcake Business: Is not really brought up other than a quick line at Goodwill, and Max baking. New balance at the end of the episode is $500.25.

Verdict: This show is really growing on me!

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