TV Review: Hart of Dixie – Episode 1×02: Parades and Pariahs

Previously on Hart of Dixie:
“That old dude Harley” offered Zoe Hart a job in Alabama after her med school graduation. Zoe didn’t get her Cadiothorasic fellowship and was advised to spend a year as a general practitioner, so she took up Harley’s offer. Only to find out he’d passed away and left her his practice. Zoe met George Tucker, who is hot and so into her; and Lemon Breeland, who is engaged to George Tucker, daughter of the rival doctor, and hates Zoe. Zoe lacks in bedside manner and all other things involved with caring about her patients as people, not just patients. Brick Breeland wants to be the ONLY fish in this small pond. Lavon Hayes, linebacker for Alabama University is the mayor, and Zoe’s landlord. Wade Kinsella, another hottie who is so into Zoe, is also living on the property. Lemon and Lavon have a past. Harley is actually Zoe’s real father.

  • Small Town Country Charm
    Zoe wakes to find a HUGE bullfrog on her chest, which is so freaky because if that thing got in what else is in? Ticks. Ew. All I gotta say. Gossip is the life blood of every small town, and the gossip of the moment is that Zoe Hart is Harley Wilkes’ daughter. Later on the gossip of Zoe’s misdiagnosis spreads through town and she’s mocked mercilessly by the crowd at the Rammer Jammer. After finding out Zoe is riding with the mayor in the parade the gossip changes to that, and suddenly people are liking her. At least, until the parade crash.
  • Rammer Jammer
    The first thing I have to say about the Rammer Jammer is that it’s TOTALLY MERLOTTES! Ya know, from True Blood. Inside it seems like it really is Merlottes just with a different sign and name on the menus! I see beer signs, a bar, and of course the people of Bluebell are gathered around tables eating stuff like po’ boys. Shelly, the waitress is a rock-a-billy dream.
  • Brick Wall
    Zoe being Harley’s daughter throws a large wrench into Brick’s plans to contest Harley’s will. George encourages Brick to just accept Zoe’s presence, but Brick and Lemon insist against it. At the office Brick is his cold snake self, “graciously” giving a patient to Zoe. A woman who is a lonely hypochondriac that Harley usually treated with tictacs and conversation about her cats. Unfortunately George does find a loophole in the contract, if Zoe doesn’t bring in at least 30% of the business in a quarter she’s out. Zoe thinks she can do it, and makes a not so stellar start with the next patient. A man who presents with paralysis in the lower extremities. Zoe over diagnoses and calls an ambulance, but when Brick comes rushing in (having been called by Lemon) he shows that the man simply has tick paralysis. Later on Brick rubs the 30% news in Zoe’s face. At the end of the episode Zoe goes to see the woman patient from earlier, who is on her porch with her cat. Zoe says she thinks she mis-diagnosed her, and that her illnesses began after her mother died. The two talk about family not being around, peach pie and kitties, and bond.

Zoe LOVES Peach Pie!

  • Founders Day
    It’s not a small town without a Founder’s Day event, in this case it’s a big parade on Saturday, which is apparently led up to with actors dressed in old-fashioned garb flash mobbing the town. Lavon invites Zoe to ride on his float with him in an effort to boost her public image. Emaline thinks that’s a good idea and will improve her image. Lemon and the Belles are performing a dance on their float for the parade and Lemon is a little over zealous about the preparations. Lemon is vastly jealous when she finds out Zoe is riding the mayor’s float. Zoe goes to help Wade with the float and he abandon’s her to get paint. After getting Wade back the three of them work all night on the mayor’s float, with Zoe falling asleep a bit before it’s done. Lavon loves it, and thanks Wade. For the parade Wade drives a tractor pulling the mayor’s float while Zoe, Lavon and Rose wave to the crowd. When Zoe see’s Betty having a problem on the Belle’s float behind them she overtakes Wade and drives the tractor into a fire hydrant to create a diversion. It works and the Belle float crashes into theirs giving Emaline a chance to get Betty. After treating Betty, Zoe goes back out to help clean up and Lemon gives her hell. Unfortunately the crash has undone any goodwill Zoe had accrued in the town.
  • Rose
    Zoe has a big fan in Rose, who asked for boy advice. It’s really cute to see Rose, who is clearly misunderstood in Bluebell, finally have someone who gets her. As for the boy advice, Zoe advises that she’s the wrong person to ask, she always falls for the wrong guy. On cue George comes across the square (which FYI is the same one used for Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls and Rosewood in Pretty Little Liars.) Rose skeedaddles, saying she’ll read their lips from across the square. Zoe is attempting to wrangle some chicken wire into a crimson wave for Lavon’s float when Rose comes up, upset because her crush is going to the parade with Magnolia Breeland, Lemon’s younger sister. Zoe invites Rose to ride the float with them if she helps build with her and Wade, who still isn’t back. Rose agrees and clues Zoe into the fact Wade is at his home. Rose and Wade are working on the float in the morning, with Rose going on and on about her crush, Frederick Dean. However Wade cuts her off, he doesn’t care. After the parade crash Frederick Dean comes to check on Rose, and Wade helps her out by mentioning the comic book Rose had mentioned him reading earlier that she also likes.
  • Betty
    While Brick is rubbing the 30% in Zoe’s face Lemon comes in with her cousin, Betty, who tripped during dance rehearsal. She says the only problem is her elbow, which she bumped when she fell. Later on Zoe finds Betty on the floor in the bathroom at the Rammer Jammer, and finds out she has MS. Zoe promises not to tell anyone as long as Betty doesn’t perform with the Belles in the parade the next day, it’ll be 90 out and is way too dangerous. Betty gives Lemon her excuse and that she trained a replacement already, but Lemon is clearly not having it. Getting her father to re-examine Betty. The next morning Zoe sees Betty at the parade getting ready at the float and asks what she’s doing there. Brick and Lemon interrupt and discuss how Brick re-examined her and her shoulder is fine, making it seem like Zoe made another mis-diagnosis. Betty even snarks at her, but later comes to apologize, almost crying about how much her identity as a Breeland and a Belle means to her, when at home she’s a nobody. Zoe gives Betty some medicine to take to hopefully make it through until she’s home without any more spells. At the parade Betty takes more than recommended because she feels a spell coming on, when she gets to the office with Emaline and Zoe they have to use charcoal to get the drugs out of her system. Once all fixed up Betty thanks Zoe and Zoe wishes her luck.

Zoe and Betty wish each other well.

  • Minor Towns People Plots
    Lemon is horribly jealous about Zoe riding on Lavon’s float. She calls him later, all upset. Lavon hangs up on her after reminding her she’s engaged. After the incident at the parade Emaline reveals she had been waiting for the right person to come along to Bluebell to follow in Harley’s footsteps before she moved to be with her daughter to open a bakery. Now she thinks it’s time, and that Zoe will be fine once people get to know her. She leaves, giving Zoe the files. It’s also revealed that Lemon’s mother left them, but the Founders Day parade was her favorite thing, and Lemon keeps hoping she’ll return.

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