2012 Holiday VoxBox from Influenster

I recently joined a website called Influenster, which allows users to rate and review different places and products and brands. Every once in a while they send out what they call VoxBoxes, filled with samples from brands. First they contact the users who pass the first eligibility test and ask them to take a survey. If the user matches what the brands of the VoxBox are geared towards then they will ship a box out. I recently received my first VoxBox, the 2012 Holiday one. I will soon be reviewing the following items which were in my box.

Influenster VoxBox

See that return address? Yay!

Influenster VoxBox Card

Welcome post card!

Sole Society Coupon

The first thing was a card from the website Sole Society.

Sole Society Coupon

The Coupon code is Influenster25 and expires January 31st

A set of Kiss Nail Dress decals.

A set of Kiss Nail Dress decals.


The pattern is called Shrug.

Quaker Real Medleys new oatmeal.

Quaker Real Medleys new oatmeal.

Summer Berry

This one is in Summer Berry flavor.


The new Goody Quickstyle Brush


It claims the microfiber finger bristles will reduce drying time by 30%.


New York Color Liquid Lipshine

Nude York City

The color is called Nude York City.


eBoost Powdered Drink Mix is supposed to give natural energy and vitamins.

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