Quaker Real Medleys – Summer Berry Review

Quaker Real Medleys new oatmeal.

     For my first review from the Influenster Holiday 2012 VoxBox I tried the new Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal. The flavor I got is Summer Berry. So I took it with me to work to try out, especially since one of it’s purported benefits is it’s portability! A little background before I begin in-depth so everyone can have a clear picture of what I’m looking for in this oatmeal and why. I work at a daycare center, so I need a good breakfast that will keep me full all day, but that will also withstand the interruptions of a busy morning. I am also not a huge fan of oatmeal, it has to be pretty sweet and spectacular to get me. I’m talking brown sugar and berries people! Thankfully this may just do the trick.

Raw Quaker   Alright lets get this show on the road. I took this picture just after opening the container, there was a sealed paper across the top but I tossed it. You can see those delicious oats (okay I promise to cut back on the sarcasm) and what look like freeze dried berries. You can also see the conveniently marked fill line. So I took my container to the kitchen to fill it and heat it. I stopped to show everyone I met along the way my “tasty” treat.

Blueberrryyy     Once heated up the oatmeal becomes deliciously blended with sugary, berry goodness. You can check out  a reconstituted blueberry in this picture to the side. The red berries, I’m not sure if they were strawberries or raspberries or both, seemed to almost desolve. That didn’t bother me though. This was a very delicious oatmeal that lived up to what it claimed. It was highly portable, and it also lived up to my tests! It stayed warm long, was delicious, and kept me full. Lets end with a gratuitous shot of the bottom of my bowl of deliciousness.


The Ruling: Two Thumbs Up, 5 Stars, Highly Recommended, High 5 Me!

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