First Investigation

My first official Paranormal Investigation was at a shop/co-op/massage place/eco-friendly boutique. It was a cool place with lots of neat occurrences, including things moving and sounds. However it was small so we tried to keep a good separation between us.

A few things happened while I was there, including a major temperature anomaly and another new investigator having their cell phone played with. I didn’t use very much equipment at this first investigation; I only used a very basic EMF detector, a digital voice recorder and a spirit box. Therefore I had minimal evidence, but I did capture an EVP laugh.

A little setup before I share this audio. At this point everyone in the team was in the front of the shop discussing evidence. I was in the very rear, a sort of lounge outside the rest rooms, doing an EVP session with the EMF detector and a small flashlight that could be easily manipulated. During this, one of the investigators came down the hall to get the IR camera from one of the rooms and as he did his cell phone went off, with a pop song for a jingle. On the audio clip you will hear the ringtone start, and then a laugh type sound. This is very loud, but was not me. I was too busy being annoyed by the cell phone interruption of my session (though I understood it also because one of our investigators did not show up and we were hoping for a call that everything was ok.)

Without further ado, my very first documented piece of evidence.

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