Review: Blossom Voxbox from Influenster

Not too long ago I received the Blossom Voxbox from in my mail. I posted an unboxing video to YouTube: click here to see. Now I’ve had a chance to check out all the products. Some were bad,  some were good, some were terrifying, some have become new staples.


I started out with the Beanitos. I admit,  I had mixed feelings about them. When I first saw them I was disappointed. I do not like beans whatsoever and I was very concerned that I wouldn’t like these. Then I realized that they were like, ground up and baked, so maybe I would. Because my major problem, I thought I had, with beans was texture. So maybe the chips would be different. I was wrong. Turns out I don’t like the taste or the texture of beans. I never noticed the taste before because I was so hung up on the texture. Sorry Beanitos, you fail.


Next I tried the thing that terrified me the most, Pasta Zero. It is the strangest thing I have ever in my life seen. It very clearly is Asian. They warn you on the package, though not enough, that they will have a strange earthy scent. That is true, they smell like worms. You don’t need to heat them they say, but since I love Italian style pasta I decided to warm them up with some pasta sauce that I had left over. It was a total waste of sauce. Maybe I couldn’t get over the fact that they had smelled like worms as soon as they came out of the package or maybe they just were that disgusting but they were gross. They seemed to still smell even though I had thoroughly rinsed them as directed. They also seemed to be both al dente and mushy at the same time a scientific feat I have no idea how they accomplished. Sorry Pasta Zero, that’s a fail.

Next I decided to try something I wouldn’t have to physically eat, Hair Food by Clairol. This is a new shampoo that is supposed to be really beneficial for your hair and help keep it healthy. The scent was strawberry ginger which sounds strange but smells amazing. It was so nice to use had a decent lather to it and of course the wonderful smell. My hair felt really clean after and healthy. But my favorite thing was the bottle with a handy pump. Clairol, you get a win.

Next I tried something new from one of my favorite brands, NYC New York Color. This was their 24-hour City Proof eye shadow stick.
The color I got was Tribeca Taupe, which makes for a nice understated smokey eye that works at work. This has become a new staple in my life and will have its own post shortly.


The next thing I tried was back to edible samples. I snacked on this Bear Naked granola in Sea Salt Caramel Apple flavor while watching Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning on YouTube. This was very tasty with pretty decently sized chunks of caramel solidified. I really don’t even know what it was made of. It reminded me of maple candy growing up. There were also slices of dried apple and of course granola. The other flavor that was included was a coconut curry flavor which I admit I did not try on account of the fact I do not care for curry,  but that’s okay I will give it to a friend at work.

The final two items I tried are definitely for summer. First was Australian Gold suntan lotion. It has an SPF of 30 and a pleasant tropical, vaguely pomegranate scent that definitely gets you in a summer mood. The second thing was Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs lotion. Which evens skin tone and provides a slight tan to the skin. Which is good for covering up when you haven’t yet gotten your base tan. I really liked both of these products and will be using them for the rest of the summer.


Thanks again to Influenster for these awesome products to review even the ones that weren’t that great.

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