In The News: Identity Theft on the Rise

12 Reasons Why We’re Losing the Identity Theft Battle (and Why You Should Care.)

Identity theft is the fastest growing white collar crime. Even if you shred your records, lock up your social security card, and avoid banking online it doesn’t matter. The worst part about identity theft is it isn’t about you at all, it’s about your information, and the value it has on the black market. Like it or not, your information is out there, from doctors records, to student loans, to your bank loans. If you need more proof that identity theft is a growing threat check out the articles below. You’ll notice these stories come from all over the country, some may have been even shown on your local news as they were on mine.

And to show that even those who seem to have it made can be caught engaged in these illegal activities:

Five arrested in St. Louis for nationwide identity theft ring