About Identity Theft Shield Provided by Kroll

Unfortunately Identity Theft is a fact of life. It’s the fastest growing white collar crime, and if it hasn’t happened to somebody you know already, it will within the next year. Along with it’s growth the facets of Identity Theft are changing making it even more dangerous for your life as you know it.

So what happens when your identity is stolen? If you don’t have protection you will be stuck trying to unravel the mess yourself, this means hours of paperwork, going to banks and other offices, police reports, and fighting to get things back to normal. Not only are you stuck doing this mess, but you’ll miss work and find it consuming your life.

With Identity Theft Shield that won’t happen. In addition to monitoring your credit reports and information to catch identity theft before it becomes your problem they offer help if someone does succeed. You simply sign a limited power of attorney to them and go on about your business while they track down and deal with the thief, and get all of you records back to how they should be.

Read more about Identity Theft Shield at the Pre-Paid Legal website.

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