Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc.

I am an independent contractor for Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc.  I am also a member.  I highly recommend the services to anyone I meet, you never know just how much you need it until you do.  I like to compare it to legal insurance, much like with health insurance you may not appreciate (or miss) it until you find yourself in a situation where you need it.  From wills, to traffic tickets, to contracts; Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. can help guide you through the red tape of any situation.

In addition to their legal help you can also add on Identity Theft Protection through Kroll, the world’s leading risk consulting company.  Identity Theft is becoming more of a problem every day, and is no longer simply about stealing a thousand dollar credit limit, it’s stealing your life.  From using your name and information when arrested, giving you the criminal record while they get off easy; to using your health insurance information at the hospital, leaving you open to extra bills and possibly being treated erroneously due to ‘your’ medical history.

If you’re interested please . If you’re still not sold, check out some of the tabs in this section to learn more about the company, see testimonials, and check out news articles.