I got my totchos on…

I recently received a coupon for Oreida Tater Tots from Influenster, to try out and make totchos. For those who don’t know,  totchos are nachos made with tater tots instead of chips.

I was already a fan of Oreida, and their tater tots. However totchos was a new concept. One I’m not sure why never occurred to me before! I had originally intended to make basic nacho style totchos. Cheese, maybe some leftover meat and salsa out of the fridge. Just keep it simple, use leftovers.

Well turns out most of the leftovers were breakfasty. I had left over sausage patties, shredded cheddar cheese and bacon. I also added salsa, and ranch dip instead of sour cream. It was delicious. Which is why there are only a couple pictures. Check them out below.


Fresh out of the oven and assembled...


Ready to eat, with my bottle of water.


Now that is what they call a perfect bite in the food industry…

Lookie what I got…

Look, look what I got recently!

Jingle Voxbox

Jingle Voxbox

So it’s a voxbox. From Influenster.com and I love it! So many goodies! There’s some things I’m familiar with, and some I’m not. For instance, there’s a coupon for OreIda tater tots, to make “totchos” and while I already knew about OreIda (because who DOESN’T???) totchos were a new concept. Delicious, but new. There’s also some KISS lashes, and kiss lash glue with aloe. I’ve used kiss before, but I’m looking forward to checking these out. Also familiar was the NYC New York Color City Proof eyeliner. I have the eyeshadow stick, and it’s amazing, so this is a perfect compliment to it.

However I’ve never used Cetaphil until now (and it came at a good time with winter drying me out like I’m in a drunk tank. There’s also Biscoff cookies, which I’ve never had, but they say they’re speculoos… which I have. So confused. And some Pure Ice nail polish which is available only at Walmart.

Watching over it all is a Spiderman Itty Bitty from Hallmark. I love him, he’s so stinking cute! There will be an unboxing video soon.